About Us

Drawing on our design sensibility, we wish to share the stories of iconic original quality pieces and make them available at competitive prices, below their market value in “as new” condition. We are also committed, as a part of our DNA, to minimising our ecological footprint and ensuring a circular economy in the industry. We buy used furniture in good condition, fully restore it and sell it through B2C and B2B channels, for a wide variety of projects at corporate, individual and domestic level.

All furniture pieces, chairs, sofas and accessories have distinct origins and are chosen based on strict criteria such as: manufacturer, quality, condition, design, comfort and functionality. We strive to provide our customers with full confidence, safety and peace of mind in the purchase of our products. Our shop is internationally certified as “TrustedShop” + “Best Price 100% guarantee” + “Original 100% guarantee”.

Our team.

We are part of a multidisciplinary and considerably eclectic team (architects, designers, engineers and decorators) with knowledge of the industry.

We offer our experience, strength, determination and expertise to any person or entity seeking uniqueness, quality, design and a long lasting investment approach (smart purchase).

Our promise is simple:
“Design and quality at affordable prices for everyone!”

We aim to provide you with a unique experience and opportunity.

We rely on more than 20 years of experience and worldwide industry knowledge. Our choices are driven by our customers’ needs and wishes within a wide range of areas of activity.

Our projects include interior designs and decoration, homes, corporate and private offices, auditoriums, libraries, galleries, museums, hospitals and clinics. Our solutions are aimed at customers who are sensitive to the current paradigm shift, who know the pieces and their market value and can appreciate the products and brands we offer.

We are committed to bringing you high quality products, ensuring a refurbishment based on very strict criteria. With Ikonisch, you’ll be able to enjoy a daily life enriching experience, providing comfort and lifestyle to your home or office, with “Design at more affordable prices”.