Can I change or cancel my order?2021-10-06T16:05:40+00:00

Yes, if requested within 24 hours notice, and no questions asked.

Do you have a showroom we can visit?2021-10-06T16:12:59+00:00

We are based on Largo Ferreira Lapa no. 218, 4150-323 Porto.

We recommend that you call in advance to schedule a visit accompanied by a sales professional.

Which countries do you sell and deliver to?2021-10-06T16:13:52+00:00

IKONISCH sells used branded furniture for home, hotels, restaurants and offices to mainland Portugal and Spain and Islands, and also to countries all over the world, under delivery and transport conditions to be agreed.

Do you offer discounts for bulk purchases?2021-10-06T16:18:47+00:00

The answer is ‘YES’. In any purchases over 5 pieces, we can offer a discount according to the final amount. Call us or send us an email and one of our sales specialists will get back to you.

Does IKONISCH sell small and large quantities of furniture for home, hotels, restaurants and offices?2021-10-06T16:19:36+00:00

The answer is ‘YES’, just conclude your purchase online. It’s as simple as that, or just contact us via email or telephone for larger quantities, such as interior design projects, prescriptions and articulated items. Call or email us and one of our specialists will get back to you.

What is the impact of selling refurbished furniture on the environment?2021-10-06T16:20:17+00:00

One of the main reasons why we love our work is the certainty that we are contributing to a better environment, knowing our refurbished products use fewer natural resources. And all products that cannot be reused in the refurbishment process are directly recycled.

Do IKONISCH products come with a warranty?2021-10-06T16:23:49+00:00

IKONISCH provides a 1-year warranty for all refurbished products it sells, conditional upon presentation of an invoice or proof of payment with visible date/data. Where the replacement of parts or accessories is required, we guarantee their replacement with genuine parts from the furniture or chairs’ manufacturers. 

The legal guarantee of the brand manufacturer is not transferred to the new owners, since IKONISCH is not the legal representative of all the brands it resells.

What are the qualities of IKONISCH products?2021-10-06T16:24:35+00:00
  • Original used branded furniture fully refurbished in “as new” condition;
  • Extended product life;
  • Saving money. Reconditioned products despite their “as-new” condition have lower prices compared to those bought from brand shops and agents;
  • All our products are carefully refurbished. Any parts requiring replacement are always replaced by genuine parts and cleaning is carried out with the best products on the market, thereby ensuring a professional and rigorous refurbishment
What is refurbished/reconditioned branded furniture?2021-10-06T16:25:25+00:00

This is furniture for homes, hotels, restaurants and offices from worldwide brands with iconic designs, refurbished, with little use. They have been carefully brought back to “as-new” condition while retaining all original features (manufacturers’ standards and specifications). At IKONISCH, we only offer original and used branded furniture. We inspect all products before purchase with a high quality standard in mind, ensuring that their refurbishment is carried out with minimum impact on the materials and piece, so as to ensure they look “as new”.

Why buy refurbished/used designer furniture?2021-10-06T16:28:21+00:00

When you buy used/refurbished designer furniture for your home or office, you will be buying the same branded furniture with a quality equivalent to new. However, there are many other benefits, such as being environmentally friendly by reducing the amount of materials that are sent to landfills.